TerreStar GENUS Windows Satellite Phone

Innovative cellular/satellite smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system
Great choice outdoor enthusiasts, recreational boaters, emergency personnel and anyone who needs backup satellite communications capabilities
Operates on AT&T's 3G cellular network, offers quad-band GSM connectivity for global cellular roaming, and connects to TerreStar's satellite with coverage in US (including Hawaii and Alaska), US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and territorial waters offshore
2.6-inch touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard; edit documents via Microsoft Office Mobile
2-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth connectivity; microSD memory expansion to 16 GB; GPS for navigation
Sales price: $873.99
Tax amount: $74.00
Manufacturer: TerreStar

Usage of satellite service is subject to certain technical requirements and pricing rates which are different than standard cellular service. Before purchasing, you should review the complete details of the terms and conditions in the AT&T Satellite Augmented Mobile Wireless Customer Agreement as well as the Satellite Augmented Mobile service pricing information.

Stay connected wherever you roam--in the city or off the grid--with the TerreStar GENUS Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional smartphone from AT&T, which provides both cellular and satellite connectivity. Intended to be used primarily as an everyday mobile device, the TerreStar GENUS is an innovative dual-mode device with cellular wireless capability as the primary default mode and satellite access capability as a secondary option for voice, data, and messaging.

The TerreStar GENUS handset is both smaller and more feature-rich than previous satellite devices. It includes premium features such as a single phone number for satellite and cellular service, a touchscreen plus full QWERTY keyboard, 2.0-megapixel camera/camcorder, and microSD memory expansion. You'll also be able to connect to home and business Wi-Fi networks as well as use Bluetooth headsets for hands-free conversations. It's also GPS-enabled for location-based services and navigation.

The Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system includes Internet Explorer Mobile Web browser for full HTML viewing of the Internet and a customizable Today screen that enables you to access the features and apps you use the most. You'll stay easily connected to your business and personal data on the go with support for a wide variety of e-mail accounts as well as the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents. And with the Microsoft My Phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile services, you can easily back up your data to the web and download great apps respectively.

Dual Mode Cellular/Satellite Operation

The TerreStar GENUS ensures "always-on" connectivity by combining the nation's fastest mobile broadband network from AT&T with the reach of the world's most powerful commercial satellite--providing ubiquitous coverage where you need it, when you need it. With a line of sight to the satellite, you'll have access to expanded voice and data roaming coverage in the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. You can even be up to 200 miles off the coast of the United States or just out of gas on a lonely desert roadway, you'll be able to make a call with the GENUS.

Enabled for use on AT&T's lightning quick HSPDA 3G network, you'll be able to easily access the Internet as well as quickly download video, music and more. Additionally, with AT&T's 3G network, you can make a call while simultaneously receiving picture/text messages and e-mail or viewing Web pages.

The GENUS also connects to TerreStar-1 for satellite communications when not within range of cellular connectivity. It is a geosynchronous satellite covering North America and supports the delivery of advanced all IP-based mobile data and voice services.

The TerreStar GENUS with AT&T's Satellite Augmented Mobile Service is available for consumers as well as for enterprise, government and small business customers. It's a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts, recreational boaters, emergency personnel and anyone who needs backup satellite communications capabilities.

The service requires standard AT&T cellular voice and smartphone data rate plans, as well as a monthly satellite subscription feature. Usage of the satellite network for voice, data and messaging is not included in the monthly feature charge and is billed as per-minute, per-message or per-megabyte roaming charges on a customer's AT&T Mobility service invoice.

For complete details on the terms and conditions for the TerreStar GENUS, see this AT&T Wireless Customer Agreement.


  • Fast 3G connectivity via AT&T's HSDPA/UMTS network (850/1900 MHz bands)
  • Satellite connectivity via TerreStar’s GMR-1 3G satellite network (2000-2010, 2190-2200 MHz S-band)
  • Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) for accessing home and corporate networks as well as hotspots while on the go
  • Onboard GPS for navigation and location services
  • Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.0)
  • Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system provides enhancements such as a touch-friendly user interface and improved browser with Flash support. Content and applications are just a fingertip away on the redesigned Start Menu and Internet Explorer Mobile supports the rich experiences you find on Web pages viewed on your PC. (Learn more)
  • View and edit with Excel Mobile, OneNote Mobile and Word Mobile or view important presentations with PowerPoint Mobile
  • 2.6-inch touchscreen (320 x 240 pixels; 16 million color depth) for stylus and finger use
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.0-megapixel camera with autofocus and digital zoom
  • Video capture capabilities
  • Music player compatible with MP3, WMA, and AAC formats
  • Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 16 GB
  • Messaging capabilities including SMS text, and IM instant messaging (via popular services)
  • HTML Web browser
  • Speakerphone for hands-free communication
  • USB 2.0 port supporting data modem, firmware update, ActiveSync

Vital Statistics

The Terrestar GENUS weighs 6.08 ounces and measures 4.02 x 2.01 x 0.71 inches. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies as well as AT&T's dual-band 3G network (850/1900 MHz; HSDPA/UMTS). Additionally, it offers connectivity to the following satellite frequencies:

  • GMR-1 3G: 2000-2010 MHz
  • 2190-2200 MHz (S-band)